Faq - Cycle Chillers
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Ask anything

Everybody is unique.  We want you to understand that the CycleChillers systems are created to meet as many circumstances as possible.  Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Can the mesh cooling vest be washed?

Yes, hand wash or spray down.  Do NOT use in the dryer as tubes may melt.  The mesh will dry quickly if drip or hung dried.

How do I get the most cooling effect?

Most bikers wear a t-shirt under the cooling vest for when they are finished riding.  For maximum cooling effect, the closer the tubes are to the skin the colder.  Either way, having the cooling vest snug to a t-shirt or skin will work effectively.

Why does the mesh cooling vest have so much stretch?

The vest was designed to have 8 inches of stretch so it can be pulled tight on almost any body shape.  If the vest ‘gaps’ out away from the body, the body is not being cooled – so pull the elastic straps on the side to keep it snug.  Looping the elastic three times, keeps it in tight to the body.

How long do batteries last?

8 hours, they are lithium-ion batteries.  Extra batteries are available if needed or you want an extra charge with you.

Can the hose attach on either the right or left side?

Yes, the vest is reversible if the connector is not on the side you want, turn the vest inside out and the connector will be on the other side.

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