About Us - Cycle Chillers
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About Us

The Concept

When the hot summer days have temps headed north of 90 degrees, keeping the body core temperature cool is difficult …But now with a CycleChillers system you can circulate cold water with our 4 zone vest for effective full coverage cooling.  If you keep your core area temperature regulated, your extremities like arms and legs do not have problems getting a good flow of blood.  Alternatively, when you get too hot, the blood goes to surface to cool your body and impacts your overall coolness and blood flow to your other body organs(like your brain).

The History

Circulating ice water to cool the body temperature was developed 50 years ago by NASA.  In the 1960’s, Astronauts were literally burning up inside their suits while doing preparation exercises here on earth.  So NASA Engineers made a full body suit of tubes to cool them down.  It was later proven that the entire body would stay cool if just the body core area temperature was controlled.  Hence, the move to just a vest or t-shirt.

Twenty years ago, the same cooling system was implemented for the car racing community.  Race Car Drivers were facing 120-130 degree temperatures and made great strides in endurance and alertness when an Ice cooler was added to the car to keep the driver feeling better and more focused.  Another block of ice was thrown in the cooler during pit stops… and just as easy as that both car and driver were ready to go racing again.

Our Solution

Today’s motorcycle community desires the same cooling from a cost effective cooling system.

Introducing CycleChillers….

With a reservoir that easily straps to the rear seat, luggage rack or fits in some saddle bags our system is tested, straightforward and effective for all riders.  If your ride is short trips we have a backpack option that provides you a fully self-contained option on or off your bike.  Rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the small pump that moves cold water from the reservoir through the tubes in our vest and return them back to the reservoir to help keep you cool on the warmest days.

You get more ride time and more comfort, when you bring your cool with you.

Get Your CycleChiller now!