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With a Cycle Chiller, you don't have to wait for it to cool off to go riding, you bring your cool.


Don't ditch your safety clothing in hot weather, Cycle Chiller keeps you cool inside.

Freedom to Choose

Events aren't always held on cool days. Ride when you want. Cycle Chiller can cool the hottest days ride.


Get the Cycle Chiller and take charge of your rides.

Don’t let the temperature decide when you can ride!

The same technology utilized by NASCAR drivers and NASA astronauts is now available to keep you cool while you ride more, ride longer, and ride any time of day you choose.

Ready for your CycleChiller?

Benefits for You

  • Go longer, the reduction in body core temperature, increases duration.
  • Reduction in skin temperature, less sweating.
  • Reduction in heart rate, less stress on body.

How It Works

  • Cold Water is pumped from the reservoir into tubing
  • Water is carried through the tubing in a vest
  • Simple heat exchange occurs where the body is cooled and the water is warmed.
  • Water is returned to the reservoir for cooling.
  • Additional details below:
  • – Backpack Start up Instructions – Click here.
  • – Cooling System Specs – Click here.
  • – Cooler Start-up Instructions – Click here.

How It Looks

The CycleChiller Cooling System is designed for motorcycles.  The cooling unit fits on the pillion, luggage rack, or can be accommodated with some saddle bags.

What Our Customers Say..

CycleChiller Systems

All CycleChiller systems come with a 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty.  These complete systems give you everything you need to bring your cool with you.

  • CycleChiller Solo

    Cooling unit attaches easily to the bike, with quick-connects linking the CycleChiller vest. A pump powered directly from the MC battery provides hours of circulated cold water.

  • CycleChiller Backpack

    Untether yourself from the bike with the CycleChiller Backpack. You can get on and off without attaching and detaching to cooler unit. The backpack contains the cooling system.

  • CycleChiller Tandem

    Will your riding partner not go out on the hot days? Get them off the couch with the CycleChiller Tandem, vests and hoses for both of you attach to our cooling unit.

CycleChillers systems is more than just comfort, it helps you ride longer and safer.

By reducing the body core temperature – you will have less fatigue, you are able to ride longer.

CycleChillers systems is more than just comfort, it helps you ride longer and safer.

By reducing your skin temperature, you decrease the amount of sweat you produce.  Not only do you smell better when you get to your destination, you body stays hydrated better and reduces the amount of liquids you must take in during the ride.

CycleChillers systems is more than just comfort, it helps you ride longer and safer.

By keeping your body cool, you keep your heart rate at normal levels and your blood stream fully optimized with oxygen.  This keeps you more alert and improves mental acuity.